• Trial Team at Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology
    The RIDD study team based at Oxford
  • Hand Examination
    Clinical examination of Dupuytren's contracture
  • Completing Questionnaires
    Completing questionnaires on hand function and health
  • Measuring the Range of Motion
    Measuring how well fingers can straighten and bend
  • Measuring Skin hardness
    Measuring skin hardness over a Dupuytren's nodule
  • Ultrasound
    Ultrasound imaging of a Dupuytren's nodule and cord
  • Testing grip strength
    Measuring hand grip strength
  • Preparing tissue
    Separating the Dupuytren's nodule and cord which have been removed from a patient during usual surgery
  • Analysing tissue
    Removed Dupuytren's nodule tissue is analysed in our lab in Oxford

Thank you! 

Recruitment to the RIDD Trial is complete

Following a fantastic response from people with Dupuytren’s disease, recruitment to the RIDD trial is now complete and we are no longer seeking people to join the study.  Thank you to everyone who enabled this to happen, those of you who got in touch about participating or supported us in other ways.  

What happens next?

People who are part of the study will attend one of our research clinics for treatment and assessment. They are being followed up by the study team for 18 months from their first treatment. After the last person attends for their final study visit, we will be able to start analysing the data.  We expect results from the study to be available in 2021.

Developing a treatment for early Dupuytren's disease

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