04 May 2020 -NDORMS Team has won International Dupuytren Award 2020.


We are delighted to announce that for the second year running the NDORMS team have been chosen as the winner of the International Dupuytren Award 2020 for thier paper "Identification of TNFR2 and IL-33 as therapeutic targets in localized fibrosis". Congratulations to David Izadi, Thomas Layton et al.


06 Nov 2019 - New Trial Manager on RIDD Trial

Nicola Kenealy has now started working as the Trial Manager for the RIDD Trial, we wish Anne Francis every sucess in her new role.


17 Oct 2019 - Treatment phase of RIDD Trial completed at Oxford University Hospital

The treatment phase of the RIDD Trial is now complete at Oxford University Hospital.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

24 Sep 2019 - Treatment phase of RIDD Trial completed at Western General Hospital.

The treatment phase of the RIDD Trial is now complete at Western General.  After treatment all participants are followed up for another 9 months so we can collect data to determine the effect of treatment to their hand.

09 Sep 2019 - Hear about the RIDD Trial in the British Dupuytren's Society webinar discussing research

Watch RIDD Trial Chief Investigator Prof. Jagdeep Nanchahal explain about the RIDD trial in the British Dupuytren's Society research webinar.  The whole webinar is 1 hour 10 m so if you just want to hear about RIDD jump straight to 29m 15s.

02 May 2019 - We've won the International Dupuytren Award 2019!

We are delighted to have been chosen as the winner of the International Dupuytren Award 2019 for our publication of the results of part 1 of the RIDD trial.

02 Apr 2019 - Health Economics Analysis Plan published in Wellcome Open Research

We have published the details of our planned Health Economic analyses.

24 Jan 2019 - RIDD Trial open to recruitment in The Netherlands

The RIDD trial team are delighted to announce the opening of University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands, to recruitment today.

27 Nov 2018 - RIDD Trial is unable to accept new enquiries

Following a fantastic response from people with Dupuytren’s, we are no longer able to accept further enquiries about joining the RIDD Trial.  We will be in touch directly with those people who are waiting to hear from us about screening. 

Nov 2018 - Recruitment into the RIDD Trial in Edinburgh is now complete!

All the RIDD trial clinics at the Western General in Edinburgh are now fully booked.  Therefore no more places are available for people to join the trial in Edinburgh.  Thank you to everyone who has joined the trial in Edinburgh, enquiried about joining, and also to the team at the Western General for reaching this milestone.

06 July 2018 - Results from part 1 of RIDD published today

We are delighted that the results form part 1 of the RIDD trial were published today in the journal EBioMedicine.

04 June 2018 - May was a bumper month for recruitment

The trial teams in Oxford and Edinburgh have been busy in May with a record number of participant recruited this month.

25 April 2018 - Recruitment hits the 50th participant milestone

Congratulations to the Oxford Universities Hospitals team for recruiting the 50th participants into the trial today!

25 Jan 2018 - Another publication!

Our systematic review of the cost effectiveness of treatments for Dupuytren's disease has been published in BMC Musculosketal Disorders.

22 Nov 2017 - RIDD now open in Edinburgh

We are excited to open our 2nd centre in Edinburgh today! We look forward to working with the team at Western General Hospital. Please contact us via our contact us page if you are interested in participating in the RIDD study in Edinburgh.

19 Jul 2017 - We've updated our website

We hope you like the update to our website.  Feedback welcomed via our contact us page.

12 Jul 2017 - Study protocol for RIDD published on Wellcome Open Research.

The full article can be read online here.

Apr 2017 - Welcome to our new Trial Manager!

We are delighted to welcome Anne Francis to the RIDD team as our new trial manager, replacing Jenni who has re-located away from the Oxford area.

Feb 2017  - The Early Disease Trial is now open for recruitment in Oxford

We are recruiting people with early stage Dupuytren's which is progressing. These patients will receive an injection into their hand at three monthly intervals for a year.

2017 - The Dose Response part of this trial is now being analysed

We recruited Dupuytren's patients who were due to have hand surgery. These patients received a study injection into their hand two weeks before surgery. We collected their tissue removed during surgery and examined it in our lab to measure the changes due to the injection.

21 Nov 2015 - Cathy Ball wins Best Poster Award at the British Association of Hand Therapists 2015 conference

The poster was “A Systematic Review of Non-Surgical Treatments for Early Dupuytren’s Disease”.  Well done Cathy!